Allow a Bestselling Author To Help Pen Your Memoir or Nonfiction Book

5 Steps:

  1. One-On-One Interviews

  2. Chapter-By-Chapter Outline

  3. First Draft of Your Manuscript

  4. Notes and Rewrites

  5. Polished Manuscript for Publication


Read excerpts of Todd’s ghostwriting work here:



150-250 Page Book — $15,000 to $25,000*

Time frame: 12-20 weeks (based on client’s availability)
*Payment: 1/3 to get started, 1/3 at midpoint, and final 1/3 to complete.





Todd Klick's priceless achievement is to remind us writers that each story beat has to hit a certain emotional value.”

Dennis Fischer
“I have read many popular screenwriting books from Save the Cat to Write Screenplays that Sell: The Ackerman Way. As a student of the craft, Todd Klick's book was the first screenwriting book that really broke down the finite art of what all of the great movies have in common.”

JaLynne Hardy
“I just discovered Something Startling Happens and devoured it! Wow! What a fantastic work! Thanks Todd for inspiring me with new ways to fix some of my story problems.”

—Barry Cutler
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Todd’s Ghostwriting Samples