Let Me Turn Your Movie Idea Into a Professional Screenplay or Treatment

  • Idea to Feature-Length Professional Script

  • Turn Your Book or Memoir into a Script

  • Cowriting

  • Rewrite

  • Polish

  • Logline

  • Synopsis

  • Treatment




Full-length 90-120 Page Script — $15,000 to $25,000*

Time frame: 12 weeks
90 – 120 pages
*Payment: 1/3 to get started, 1/3 at midpoint, and final 1/3 to complete.


Treatment — $1,000 to $5,000

From an existing screenplay — $1,000
Time Frame: 1 to 2 Weeks
From an idea that needs to be fully developed — $5,000
Time Frame: 4-6 Weeks


Synopsis — $500

From an existing script
2-5 pages
Time frame: 1 week


Logline — $250

From an existing script
Time frame: 2 days





“Superb Advice for all Writers.”

Gemini Adams
Author of The Facebook Diet and Your Legacy of Love
Todd Klick's priceless achievement is to remind us writers that each story beat has to hit a certain emotional value.”

Dennis Fischer
Todd Klick's book is fundamentally sound, extremely innovative and unique in concept. It's leading edge, groundbreaking stuff. No one else has ever come up with an idea this intricate - it's like he discovered the DNA code of successful screenwriting, and proved his hypothesis with scientific documentation! Exhaustive and clever research - a whole lot of hard work went into this. Looking forward to his next book.”

Barbra E. Goll
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