Professional Analysis of Your Screenplay


Full Professional Critique + Phone Consult

Includes written report, script notations, bonus format checkup and half-hour phone consult:
  • 90 to 130-Page Script — $525
  • 30 to 60-Page Script — $325
  • Treatment and Outline — $165
  • Additional phone consultation time $95 per hour


Full Professional Critique

Includes everything described above, without a phone conference:
  • 90 to 130-Page Script — $450
  • 30 to 60-Page Script — $295
  • Treatment and Outline $125




Todd Klick's book is fundamentally sound, extremely innovative and unique in concept. It's leading edge, groundbreaking stuff. No one else has ever come up with an idea this intricate - it's like he discovered the DNA code of successful screenwriting, and proved his hypothesis with scientific documentation! Exhaustive and clever research - a whole lot of hard work went into this. Looking forward to his next book.”

Barbra E. Goll
"Todd Klick demystifies how to approach the writing process. He will give you tons of "aha" thoughts, and will help you interpret story in a way that will give you answers."

Jen Grisanti
Author of Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story, Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge with NBC, blogger for The Huffington Post
Todd Klick's priceless achievement is to remind us writers that each story beat has to hit a certain emotional value.”

Dennis Fischer
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